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At Real Estate Whales, we’ve helped thousands nof realtors and brokerages bridge the gap between agents and clients using tried-and-tested digital marketing tactics. This wall is dedicated to their love. Take a peek!

Our Clients Say…

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  • Anissa Gerard

As a realtor I’ve worked with a few marketing agencies in the past and it’s always proved a bit difficult to get my message across to them because our websites aren’t like the others. We have to integrate listings and constantly update them and it usually takes a lot of work but Kevin and his team handled my website revamp smoothly and the final result was more than great. Def recommend it.

24 April 2021 . 03:13 AM
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  • Amadis Avilés Garay

They ran social media ads for me on facebook and Instagram and the 1st month’s result were above satisfactory. Great job guys!

8 December 2021 . 03:13 AM
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  • Dominic Toy

I ran into them a couple weeks back and I hired them to help me go online as I have a physical office in Connecticut. They told me it would take about 15 days to get everything done and sure enough they delivered! I landed my first client through my website today!

17 September 2022 . 03:13 AM
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  • Debra Penn

Loved the website design and the logo! Looking forward to the pre-launch PR management campaign!

20 January 2022 . 03:13 AM
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  • Pamela Lopez

Eric was very polite throughout the process. I was having a bit of a hard time with the entire online marketing process but Eric explained the entire thing to me, and they handed me my website within a week. I highly recommend them.

1 July 2022 . 03:13 AM
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  • Amelia

Great job Eric! Converted 6 leads just last week! Keep up the good work!

7 October 2021 . 03:13 AM
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  • Lester K. Montford

Highly recommended! They ran ppc ads for me and since then my leads have gone up by 130%!

5 March 2022 . 03:13 AM
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  • Steven Caudill

I approached them for SEO 6 months ago and they told me that it was a lengthy process and they did take their time with it but now I’m beginning to see results. They got my website on Google’s first page.

30 March 2022 . 03:13 AM
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  • Sophia

The logo was great and I loved the idea of pre-launch reputation management on social media. Thanks to them my accounts were getting traffic way before I actually launched my site. Good job guys!

18 August 2020 . 03:13 AM
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  • Mia

I’ve been working with them for 3 months now and they’ve done a wonderful job of getting leads. Thanks to the PPC ads they ran, I got 30 leads in a month! Kudos to Dimitri!

7 February 2022 . 03:13 AM
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  • Angelina

As the founder of a real estate agency I approached Real Estate Whales because I needed a marketing partner who could keep up and meet deadlines. Kevin and his team helped me go online and bring in conversions. They are professional and quick which makes them a great match for agencies like mine.

19 November 2022 . 03:13 AM

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